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Making a website isn't hard. Take the DIY route and learn how to put together your own website with someone who will teach you:

  • How to choose a CMS
  • Make a design that converts
  • Market your website for the big web

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Hold on, what's the catch?
There is no catch!

Learn everything you will need to launch a website

I help small business owners, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and people just like you put together wordpress websites quickly and easily.

Every business owner faces the same problem: Where can I just get a freakin’ website NOW?

Did you know you can build a website by yourself? Yes YOU!

Launching a website is freakin’ easy.

It really is that simple. Everyone learns differently, so I made two different ways you can learn:

1 Take a free course:
  • Easy to follow videos
  • Action steps to keep you on track
  • Join the community for free support
2 Read the articles:
  • Read and go at your own pace
  • Choose the info that works for you
  • Join the community for free support

Hey! I'm Jon

I’ve had over ten years of experience taking innefective brands and turning them into freakin’ powerhouse designs that get results. You’ll also get:

Your brand coach

I’ll walk you through what will work for branding your business. Already have an established brand? Great! I’ll work with that and interpret it into the website.

An actual human

You will get actual personalized service. Not some random person answering the phones. I will be working directly with you and handle anything you need.

Easy Quotes

I don’t mess around when it comes to quoting your project. I will tell you upfront how much it’s gonna cost. And forget paying per revision, I include revisions in all my projects.

Don't believe me?

“Jonathan is the kind of person you would just want full time on your team. We will continue to work with Jonathan for the long haul. Great Work!”

“Jonathan is a very talented graphic designer. His first drafts are always close to the expected results so it's very easy to build from there. Will hire him again!”

“He pays a lot of attention to details and always delivers on time. Easy to communicate and work with. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a professional graphic designer..”

“I've been working with Jonathan sporadically over the years now and every time he helps me I know the job will get done on time and work will be excellent. Highly recommend him!”

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