How Do I Hide the Login Bar in WordPress


Posted on: September 22, 2020

A lot of WordPress users prefer a cleaner interface while working on their website edits. The admin bar in WordPress was introduced to be a universal way to edit your website pages quickly without forgetting you were logged in, or loosing track of where you are. 

In some instances the admin bar can get in the way of your website however and make it difficult to preview changes. It might push content down, appear on top of a navbar, cover up links, and more. There are definitely some instances where it’s best to leave this bar out of the picture.

But luckily there is a setting to hide the WordPress admin bar, and it’s built in. No plugins required. Let’s take a look at where that is. 

How to hide wordpress admin bar

To hide the admin bar, login to your admin side and go to Users. Select the user you wish to change this setting for. 

Note: You can actually change this setting on a per user basis. So if someone on your site can’t live without it, great! They can keep it visible!

Scroll just a little down the page of settings to the section titled “Toolbar”. Go ahead and uncheck the “Show Toolbar when viewing site” option. 

That’s it! That will remove the WordPress admin bar from your site when you’re previewing it. 

How do I get back to the WordPress admin dashboard when the admin bar is gone?

Now that you’ve turned off the admin bar, you might be thinking “Ok this is great but…how do I get back to the dashboard?”

While it’s nice that the admin tool bar is gone, it did provide a quick way to jump between the admin dashboard and the live site preview. But if your toolbar is gone, you can still get back to the dashboard by going to That will take you straight to the dashboard if you are logged in (and prompt you to login if you’re not already).

WordPress admin bar not showing?

If you’re viewing your website and you’re not seeing the admin bar, first make sure you are logged in as an admin. The bar will only show up if you are logged into the backend of the site. If you don’t know how to do that, you can try going to, otherwise contact your website administrator. 

Next check the user settings to see if the toolbar has been disabled. Go to Users > Select the User and go to Tool bar > Show Toolbar when viewing site. This should be checked if you want the admin bar turned on