How to Hide the WordPress Page Title With CSS


Posted on: July 17, 2020

The page title on a post or page will usually come default in most themes you install on WordPress. In some instances however this can lead to a few problems depending on what you’re trying to customize. 

There are cases where you don’t want the page or post title to show up. How do you hide it? The answer will depend on a few things. 

Where do WordPress Page Titles appear?

The page title of a WordPress page almost always appears at the top of the page. No matter what theme you’re running, you can look to the top of the page to find your title. 

Where is the page title in WordPress?

If you’re in the admin panel editing a page, you can find the page title right at the top of the edit/add page:

Page title in WordPress dashboard

Your theme might have an option to remove the page title

If you’d like to remove the page title from a page, or on every page, first check your theme settings. Go to your dashboard, then Appearance > Themes > Customize. 

This will bring you to your themes settings. If your theme has a setting to hide the page title universally, it likely resides somewhere in here. Check each of the menus on the left sidebar to see if you can find it. 

Check WordPress theme settings for hiding a title

If you can’t find it there, another spot is on the edit page. Go to the page you’re trying to remove the title from, click edit, and look on the right sidebar. There might be a panel called “Page Settings” or “Page Appearance”. In here it might list a setting that lets you hide the title form this specific page. Note that if you select this and want it to apply to all pages, you’ll need to manually go into each page and check this box. 

Page setting to hide WordPress title

Why can’t I find a way to remove or add the page title?

If you can’t find a setting to remove the title in your theme settings and page settings, it would mean that your theme does not support hiding the title. 

This does not mean you are out of options, however. There is one more way to remove it.

Here’s how to hide the WordPress Page title with just CSS

Go to Appearance > Themes > Customize.

Then at the bottom of the left panel click on “Custom CSS”. Enter this CSS:

.entry-title {
   display: none;
Add CSS to hide WordPress page title

And click save. This will hide the page title from every page in your website.